Without an experienced attorney the odds of beating your traffic ticket are stacked against you.  Here at City Traffic Tickets, LLC we will handle the tactical procedures of traffic law that are foreign to the everyday citizen ensuring that you can have the best chance of possibly having your ticket dismissed.

Remember, when you choose to fight your ticket you can keep points off your driving record, minimize fines and fees, avoid license suspension or revocation, and keep your auto insurance premiums from rising.

We offer competent advice to our clients and when you choose City Traffic Tickets, LLC to handle your case you are assured that our services will provide/cover:

  • Free Consultation – We will help you understand your ticket and the possible consequences and outcomes free of charge.
  • One Flat Fee – No surprise costs.  We handle everything from first appearance to conducting a trial or conference for $40*.  You will never receive a bill for “extra” services.
  • Court Appearances – In most cases we can go to court for you and save you the hassle of taking off work in order to fight your traffic ticket.
  • All Traffic & Municipal Tickets – From speeding to no insurance to City of Houston code violations, we provide you with experienced representation to help you get the best outcome for your individual needs.
  • CDL Holders – We understand that driving is your livelihood and a ticket can place your future in jeopardy.  We are here to work hard to help you maintain a clean record so that you won’t have to worry about your employment being in danger.
    Out of State Drivers – If you don’t live in Texas, don’t leave your citation outstanding; allow us to take care of your ticket for you!! 

We handle your case from consultation to adjudication.  We understand the differences between commercial and noncommercial traffic laws and their legal consequences.  Don’t go through this process alone when you can have the advice and knowledge of a skilled attorney.  We are prepared to fight your ticket to the end to make sure you get your fair day in court!




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